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MENOO THE innovative and revolutionary

Menoo is an innovative and revolutionary wooden menu holder that we manufacture in Greece, entirely from the finest pieces of wood, which are sustainably collected from all over the world! The special design allows the Menoo spine to fold and be flexible, with special attention given to resistance against wear-and-tear.

The construction involves special engravings, made using modern laser technology. Countless hours of testing have been spent in order to present You with a product that will not only withstand the test of time and physical damage, but at the same time it will offer unique aesthetics to your business.


- Who we are -
We are a team of new designers and manufacturers who aim to redefine the functional or decorative items that are used in the food service industry, i.e. restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, etc.
We work with natural wood and we use the most modern techniques for its processing (laser cutting and cnc routers, special engravings etc.). Our headquarters are located in a privately-owned workshop in the area of Pieria, Greece, and we are offer our services and products internationally!
- Our philosophy -
Our philosophy is "Revolutionary design and quality manufacturing that endures in time - Creation of products that are friendly to both the user and our natural environment"

Quality Technical Features

Handmade / Eco-friendly

Handmade / Eco-friendly

Made in Greece from the finest pieces of wood (walnut, cherry, birch, venge etc.), which are harvested sustainably from all over the world.

Durable / Waterproof

Durable / Waterproof

Resistant to scratches, moisture and dust. The specially designed mechanism allows the spine of the menu to fold in any direction without damage.

2 years warranty

2 years warranty

Tested durability techniques that give us the ability to provide you with up to 2 years of warranty.

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