Clipboard Menu Holder 150x300mm / 5.80x11.70''

Are you looking for a practical alternative to traditional menu holders? Do you want to make sharing your menu with guests easy, lightweight, and eco-friendly?

The Menoo Clipboard Menu Holder (150x300mm) is just what you need to get started. Our menu holder is designed in Greece, Europe, with easy page replacement and durability in mind. You’ll never run into issues with updating your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar menu thanks to the clipboard functionality of our holder. If you’re looking for a creative, attractive, modern solution to your establishment’s menu design, look no further than Menoo.

◉  Visual quality and practicality without compromise.
◉  Innovative clipboard menu design made of high-quality woodwork.
◉  Lightweight and durable, ideal for every hospitality business.
◉  Easy storage and replacement of your menus with minimal effort.
◉  Customization options with a wide range of visual elements and colors.

The Making of Menoo Clipboard Menu Holder (150x300mm)

Our Clipboard Menu Holder (150x300mm) is handcrafted and features a handmade finish which makes it more aesthetically appealing and attractive to your guests. This ensures that the clipboard holder itself remains protected from moisture and outside elements, making it ideal for hospitality establishments close to the sea, rivers, or lakes.

At Menoo, we do our best to make sure that the wood we use to produce our clipboard menus can withstand the test of time. Every clipboard menu holder comes with a 2-year guarantee as our Menoo seal of quality!

After your Order, please upload your logo at  Once we have  received  your request we will create a visual of your menu for a review. We won't manufacture your order without your approval.

Payment policy

✔  Prices don't include VAT and are valid for a  minimum order of 10 pieces.

✔  Prices include all engravings of your logos with laser technology, as well as internal accessories (screws and wooden parts) that hold the inner paper of your restaurant menu.

Inner prints can be created by yourself (inner page template is provided for free).
If you wish to get the prints ready by us, we charge 0.60€ per printed page (4 colors, aquarelle paper or velvet with matte lamination). Design is provided by you.
If you wish to undertake both the design and the print of your inner menu page we can support it with a cost of 1.00€ per page.

*Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For Personalized Menoo are 10 Pieces.
(We provide offers on orders above 30 pieces. Please ask us about them).