Wooden QR Menu Table Stand 170x100 mm (6.70” x 3.95”)

We are going contactless!

Are you looking for a practical menu solution for your restaurant, hotel, or coffee shop? What about choosing contactless menus, going green, and becoming eco-friendly?

The Menoo QR Menu Table Stand is the solution you’re looking for! We’ve carefully designed our QR stand to be practical, eye-catching, and durable. Made out of the finest, select pieces of wood, these QR table stands will not only dazzle your guests but also add prestige to your establishment.

◉  Wonderful, modern aesthetics and handcrafted, timeless design.
  Easy access to your Menu/offers.
◉  Easily update your menu without having to reproduce it physically.
Healthier  establishment and more sanitary.
◉  Customizable options with a variety of visual elements and colors.

The making of Menoo  QR Menu Table Stand

Each QR Menu Table Stand we produce is coated with a waterproofing additive solution in the form of protective wax. This ensures that the surface of the table stand is protected from moisture and outside elements, making it ideal for any establishment close to the sea, rivers, or lakes.

Menoo does its utmost to ensure that the wood we use to produce our QR table stands can withstand the test of time. Every stand comes with a 2-year guarantee as our Menoo seal of quality!

How to Order:

  1. Press "Personalize Your Own" Button and Follow The Steps.
  2. Add Your Preferred Quantity On the CART Page  (We provide offers on orders above 30 pieces. Please ask us about them).
  3. Proceed to Checkout,  (Add your notes if needed) .
  4. After your Order,  please upload your logo and your QR code at menoo.sales@gmail.com

*Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For Personalized Menoo are 10 Pieces.

Once the above procedure has been completed and we  have  receive d  your request we will create a visual of your menu for a review. We won't manufacture your order without your approval.

Payment policy

* Prices of our wooden QR Menu Table Stand  don't include VAT and is valid for a minimum order of 10 pieces.
* Prices include all engravings of your logos with laser technology.
* Special discounts for orders of more than 30 items are offered. Please ask us about them.

Technical Features

Technique:  Handcrafted
Characteristics:  Ecological
Dimensions: 170x100 mm (6.70x3.95 in.) - Length x Width.
Material:3mm birch plywood
Available colors:Dark Brown, natural, red, white, blue, green, black.

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